Steam conditioning valve
The VLB is an angle-style steam conditioning valve, used for turbine bypass or process control. It is designed to reduce the pressure and temperature of the steam to match the downstream requirements. The valve features a series of pressure reducing stages, designed specifically for each application to minimise noise. Regulation of the pressure is performed with a modulating plug, revealing a series of perforations in the valve bonnet cage as the valve opens. Temperature regulation is controlled by an external spray water control valve. Spray water injection takes place in the valve outlet, using a series of mechanical atomising nozzles.

Thermally compensated forged body with uniform thickness.
Fully customisable inlet and outlet connections.
Pressure reduction stage and spray nozzle arrangement optimised for plant operating conditions.
Balanced tight design resulting in reduced required opening forces.
Available with SIL 3 certification.
Pressure seal bonnet.
Spring-loaded water injection nozzles.
Compatible with hydraulic, pneumatic and electric actuators.
Quick exchangeable seat as option.
Extended outlet design as option.

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