Pneumatic double acting piston actuators
With over 50 years of experience in supplying high-performance control valves and linear actuators, IMI CCI has the solution for the most demanding applications in multiple industries.

The SP pneumatic double-acting piston actuators provide an optimised solution, offering additional benefits including reduced maintenance, safe operation, and increased durability in all critical operating conditions. Process control requirements for industrial plants have become more demanding with frequent interruptions and the need to meet environmental regulations. This puts a strain on the control valves to perform reliably and accurately. At IMI CCI, we know that a high-performance control valve must have a high-performance actuator. Some challenges facing actuators today are that they must be fast on trip yet stable during normal operation, trip open on command yet for most of its operation stay closed, be capable of high resolution adjustments to the process flow and yet provide the required force to meet tight shutoff.

Linear piston – double acting.
Suitable for modulating or on/off.
Guided piston with permanent lubrication system for long operating life.
Available in 3 sizes and 5 stroke positions.
Suitable for fail open, close, and fail in place via volume tank.
Optional top mounted side access hand wheel.
Robust, heavy duty, proven design.
Qualified for SIL Level 3 Certification.

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