Pneumatic valve actuators

Our pneumatic linear piston actuators are designed to drive control valves for the most demanding applications in the power and oil &gas industries; such as turbine bypass, steam conditioning valves, desuperheaters, compressors and antisurge. Thanks to the special patented piston design, including a double ring guiding system and agrease channel providing continuous lubrication, SC/V actuators ensure smooth and precise valve operation without any maintenance for the whole operating life. This series of actuators are designed with a patented plug-in connection system for a wide range of customer-tailored accessories and control systems to meet the most demanding and critical valve operating conditions.

Several sizes available from 150 mm to1600 mm or larger if required.
Several strokes available.
Double acting and single or double acting plus spring design.
Die casting aluminium bodies for small/medium sizes up to ND 320.
Carbon steel bodies for larger sizes.
Fully stainless steel design available for both double acting and spring return actuators for the harshest environment conditions.
Heavy duty control actuators designed forth most challenging applications used in the oil & gas and power industries.

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