Intelligent digital valve controller The QuickTrak™ system features the latest in pneumatic digital valve control technology that combines a microprocessor-based control system with an integrated valve positioner. This system is specifically designed to answer the challenges faced by todays demanding applications. Capable of providing the control and performance of a hydraulic system, but without the environmental and storage requirements; the QuickTrak™ system is flexible and powerful. Probe: Magneto strictive linear position transducers located within the actuator stem which provide fast and highly accurate control feedback. 3-Way valves: Fail mode is done through(2) 3-way valves (SIL certified) piloted by the solenoid valve, which isolate the servo-valve from the actuator. A 3rd valve removes any bleed when fail mode occurs. Solenoid valves: 24 VDC continuously energized, normally closed, to initiate fail mode upon loss of air supply or signal power. Servo-valve: High-capacity servo-valve for positioning. Actuator: Custom designed with larger ports to utilize the higher Cv and agun-drilled stem to accomodate the feedback probe. Digital controller: Provides a multi-level, closed loop system based on the valve and spool position to control the stepper motor to adjust the actuators chamber pressure to achieve the desired valve position.

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