Supply Pump Skid including Installation, Star up and Commissioning

PD Flowtech Co., Ltd. provide PC&PD pump with installation and commissioning by highly skilled service engineers who are certified and training from Europe factory and who are capable to do installation and commissioning, went to the job site and took care of the alignment and start-up of the pumps.

Bring us your ideas or specifications and our engineers and service team will help you find the best solution for your project. We have years of experience creating custom pump skids that are fully accessories.

Spare part & Pump Inventory stock

Store in room control temperature should not exceed 25 oC. Rubber part should be protected from direct sunlight and strong artificial light with ultraviolet content, preferably by packing in an opaque container or by screening storage areas away from harmful ultraviolet rays and keep in a relaxed condition, free from tension, compression.

Offshore Service

We support technical, Spare part Inventory Stock, Inspection and Maintenance Service in offshore. Our onshore/offshore service & maintenance support will extend product life and ensure that the equipment is maintained in first class condition for safe operation.

Standby Service

Service team is ready all time and always update new knowledge and technology. Solving the problem in the root cause to prevent it come back again (Critical thinking and problem solving). This skill is one of many skills we instill our team.

  • 24 Hour Service and Repair
  • Personalized Service
  • Reliable Equipment Guaranteed
  • Wide Range of Products and Services
  • Alignment Equipment
  • Preventive Maintenance

Fabrication Pig Launcher & Receiver

Pig Launchers and Receivers are supply with hydrostatic test and U stamp. Pig Launchers and Receivers are pressure containing vessels or sections of piping within a pipeline system that are utilized for pipeline maintenance, cleaning, and inline inspection. Furthermore, we have proximity switch and sensor, mechanical key interlock system that Interlock devices can be fitted to the pig trap vessel door and interlocked with valves and other equipment on the vessel to ensure the correct isolation, vent and drain procedures are followed.

Overhaul All PD&PC Pump

Overhaul to improve efficiency and performance by service team have experience in reciprocating pump more than 15 years.

Tool Rental Service & Training

Tool rental services are available for both homeowners and professional contractors to help them complete equipment to improvement or projects without needing to buy tool. Using a tool rental service gives you the flexibility to rent the exact tool you need, thanks to the great selection of tools available, we have used modern tools Cut maintenance costs More importantly, customers no longer must bear the cost of purchasing tools, for however long you need them.