The leading low pressure turbine bypass valve for combined cycle and process steam plants

IMI Critical Engineering’s LLP™ turbine bypass valve is a compact valve that delivers superior pressure reduction and temperature control, low noise and vibration, without compromising its fast response. Available in both angle and globe body configurations, the valve can be fitted into most existing piping arrangements. It can be installed in any orientation without the need for additional support for the upper structure. Featuring an integrated spraywater desuperheating nozzle at the valve outlet, the LLP™ minimizes the downstream desuperheating distance, making it extremely compact for all types of low-pressure steam conditioning applications, including advanced turbine bypass-to-condenser applications with short pipe runs.

Pressurized Seat Trim™ design delivers repeatable Class V Shutoff in service and improved plant efficiency through elimination of lost steam SIL Certified design meets the requirements of IEC 61508:2010 with parts that are suitable for use in safety-related systems performing safety functions Pneumatic or hydraulic actuation delivers high performance, reliable, fast stroking pneumatic or hydraulic actuation and accurate control Rangeability: Up to 50:1 for system control and turbine temperature matching for greater turbine life Excellent spraywater atomization thanks to an integral spring-loaded water injection nozzle

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