1. Bandlock2 QuickOpening Closure

  • Available Sizes:   6” to 100”
  • Design temperature:-50oC to +210oC
  • Max. Design Pressure: ASME 150# through to 2500#
  • Options: Butt Welded, Butt Welded with mitre for inclined /

declined vessels, Reduced Access or Flanged

Materials of construction:

  • ASTM A350 LF2 / ASME II SA350 LF2
    • ASTM A105 / ASME II SA105
    • ASTM A694 F42 to ASTM A694 F70
    • Grade 304L or 316L Stainless Steel
    • Duplex Stainless Steel (F51, F53 & F55)

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2. Bandlock2 Flanged Closures

The versatility of the Bandlock™2 Closure allows easy supply of variations from standard. In addition to Flanged Closure options we can support the installation of Pig receiver and launcher extensions to accommodate intelligent pigging operations along with receiving cassettes designed to meet specific operating requirements.

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3. HiT Pigalert™ – Scraper & Sphere Signalling: is made in four pressure classifications–up to ANSI Class 600, 900, 1500 & 2500

  • Standard are designed for use at temperatures from -20oC to +200oC
  • Easy to install Robust Design suitable for all Installations, Operator has simple visual indication with single action reset.
  • Adjustable Trigger Penetration Allows simple adjustment at site to suit variations in pipe wall thickness.
  • Extended Model option  Allows Hi-T Pigalert™ to be used on buried pipeline installations. Option: Local / Remote Indication Mechanical Flag / Electrical switch.

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4. Non-intrusive Pig Signaller – Hi-T MagAlert: The Hi-T Magalert is a robust non-intrusive magnetic pig signaller used to detect, signal and log the passage of magnetic pigs at critical points along a pipeline. The Hi-T Magalert can be used for both offshore and onshore installations.

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5. Multiple Pig Launching (MPL) Systems: To support the continued development of offshore facilities in the oil and gas industry, GD Engineering has developed a range of Multiple Pig Launching solutions for both Topside and Subsea applications to enable sequential pig launching operations to be performed remotely, without the need to depressurize the launcher.

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