The P2000 rotary pump is specifically designed for space constrained installations, or where a simpler belt-driven design is preferred. The P2000 rotary pump is available in two different designs:

  • Inboard roller bearing configuration with single mechanical sealing for duties involving lubricating liquids, such as Fuel Oils, Vegetable Oils, Lube Oils, and Additives.
  • Inboard plain bearing configuration with gland packing for duties involving non-lubricating liquids, such as Molasses, Resins, and Polymers.


  • Capacity:         up to 50 m3/hr
  • Operation:        up to 12 bar pressure, up to +120°C temperature
  • Viscosity:          up to 75,000 cSt
  • No special tools for ease of maintenance. The belt drive and seal area assembly is easily adjusted and removed.
  • Any DIN 24960 standard single mechanical seal
  • Built-in full flow relief valve for pump protection, as standard
  • The P2000 series has top mounted driver with no baseplate, coupling or associated alignment problems giving lower installation and maintenance costs, therefore reducing unit weight for ease of handling.

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