Critical service choke valve solution

The 860HPC is an erosion resistant, control valve ideally suited for use in critical service choke applications. It is designed to address durability, safety and performance into a robust and proven solution.

Designed for applications with up to 200 bar pressure differential, wear resistance is optimised with tungsten carbide inner cage and plug.Higher flexibility can be obtained by two different trim sets available to match a high range of operating conditions. A drilled hole cage with reduced Cv is available for start up and for initial life conditions. To accommodate large flow rates and lower pressure drops encountered during end of life conditions, a slotted cage with increased capacity is used. Critical service choke applications usually encounter issues such as high noise, improper velocity control, incompatibility in multi-phase flow streams and corrosion. The 860HPC is designed to address these concerns.

Available with different sets of materials, suitable for different grades of chemical corrosion. Singleton sizing for multiphase flow stream Cv calculation. Optimised drilled hole pattern for low noise performance. Optimised flow paths for velocity control.

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