DRAG® control valve for level control applications

IMI CCI is able to offer a one valve solution for drum or boiler level control with the 100DLC DRAG® valve, which meets both the high and low Cv requirements as an alternative to the two valve system. This configuration is only possible due to DRAG® high rangeability trim providing excellent controllability at all flows, from start-up through to normal operation.

Multi-stage DRAG® disk stack technology – Limits trim fluid exit velocity and kinetic energy and multi-stage pressure drop.

Multiple ring Teflon packing design.
Customisable flow characterisation.
High integrity spring energised teflon balance seal or graphite seal.
Class V metal seat shut-off with 500 PLI loading force achieves tight shut-off.
Custom designs available for high-temperature and other applications.
Disk stack labyrinth groove design breaks up clearance flow preventing seat ring damage.

More info : https://www.imi-critical.com/products/100dlc/