Severe service anti-surge and compressor recycle solution

The optimum solution for safety and reliability, IMI CCI’s compressor recycle and anti-surge valve combines premium DRAG® flow control technology with reliable fast stroking actuation. The result is a complete severe service valve solution designed to maximize the reliability, efficiency, and control of your compressor recycle system. With this solution, the DRAG® disk stack controls flow velocity to provide low noise and exceptional reliability. Flow energy and velocity is controlled to minimize wear and ensure reliable performance and longevity. Control is provided by IMI CCI’s fast acting pneumatic actuator which provides one second stroking times, fast and accurate control, and simple and reliable operation.

Customized DRAG® Trim to Maximize Performance- IMI CCI custom-designed DRAG® trim is ideally suited to minimize noise while providing the capacity and control that is necessary in anti-surge and compressor recycle applications. Accurate Control and Reliable Operation- For anti-surge and recycle applications, IMI CCI’s pneumatic actuation system can deliver stroke speeds of less than one second while maintaining precise resolution and control.

Improve Plant Efficiency – Eliminate Energy Waste- IMI CCI anti-surge DRAG® valves are designed with either a soft or hard seat to ensure either an ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class VI or ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class V shutoff. This design provides dependable and repeatable shutoff for long periods of time over very high pressure differentials. The IMI CCI anti-surge valve minimizes lost energy through leakage and lost production which results in significant cost savings.

Capacity and Control for Anti-surge Applications- Properly sized and engineered anti-surge recycle valves and their reliable operation are critical to protect the compressor. The valve capacity must be large enough to prevent surge under all possible operating conditions, including start-up and shut down, without being oversized. An excessively large valve will provide poor control precision and will drive the compressor into choked flow when fully open. The IMI CCI anti-surge valve design maximizes control while providing reliable and safe protection from compressor surge.

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