The 860 series cage-guided valve is specially designed using advanced control valve technology. This angle-type control valve is used to control a wide variety of relatively clean liquids and gases at high pressure differentials. Configured with either flow-to-open or flow-to-close trims, the valve is well suited for steam, gas or liquids, where flow-to-close is typically used for liquid service, and flow-to-open for steam and gas.

The design of the 860H (drilled-hole-cage) valve is primarily used for severe service applications requiring anti-cavitation or low-noise trim. In most cases, high pressure drop in process conditions may cause erosion, noise or vibration, which can affect process control. The 860H is a good solution to this severe service application.

The 860F valve is a fit-for-purpose design for severe flashing applications such as boiler blowdown, heater drain valves. This anti-flashing valve is designed to improve valve service life by adopting a special trim design, velocity and vibration control, and hardened trim material. The 860F valve helps reduce safety concerns and total cost of ownership.

The 860 series valve is flexible, allowing a variety of trim types to be installed in the angle body. In addition, its cage guided construction reduces plug vibration and provides stable performance throughout travel. All 860 trims have a quick change design to guarantee convenient maintenance and easy trim replacement.

Design allows very low hysteresis and dead band
Proven trim design
Single P-port, multi-step, V-notch type cage, flashing service trim
Fail mode
Fail to close on loss of air is standard Fail to open on loss of air is also available Diaphragm, piston, hydraulic and electric actuation available Quick change trim All internal parts can be inspected easily by removing bonnet and cage
A full range are available to meet all requirements

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