Complimenting our complete line of high performance attemperators, IMI Critical Engineering introduces the optimised AB5110, a general all-purpose attemperator that is well suited for incineration, refinery, liquefaction, petrochemical and chemical plants.

The AB5110 is a reliable cost-effective solution that is simple to install with low maintenance and cost of ownership. Incorporating multi-stage pressure drop technology, it reduces high pressure water in stages to prevent erosion damage. Variable orifice spring-loaded nozzles, to increase turn down while improving water evaporation, provide highly accurate temperature control. Now with more features and benefits than ever to meet all your needs. Contact your local IMI Critical Engineering support for more information.

Spring-loaded OP nozzles- – Our patented OP nozzles with a variable orifice spring-loaded design, injects the right amount of fine water droplets for efficient primary atomisation.
Replaceable OP nozzles- – Up to 3 slots are available to add, remove or replace OP nozzles to achieve the required capacity.
External metal seat- – Repeatable tight shut-off according to Class lV or V is achieved with a seat design located external to the steam pipe, preventing unintended water leakage.
Multi-stage technology- – Multi-stage cascade trim reduces the high-pressure water in discrete stages to prevent damaging cavitation that can quickly erode the valve trim.
Tapered nozzle tube- – Using FEA simulations, the tapered nozzle tube design is ideal to withstand high structural and thermal stresses caused by the steam flow.
Flexible options- – Available in various trim sizes, end connections and actuation to meet all your needs.

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