DRAG® wellhead production choke valve

Today’s gas field environment means higher wellhead pressures with aggressive fluids with entrained sand and other solid particles. A conventional single stage choke valve is not suitable for this kind of severe service. The need to maintain production rates means that frequent choke repair or replacement is no longer acceptable. IMI CCI has responded to this need by developing the world’s first true severe service choke valve. IMI CCI has been solving severe service control valve problems in the oil and gas industry for over 30 years. The IMI CCI severe service choke uses a combination of proven DRAG® velocity control technology and the best grades of tungsten carbide material used in the industry to provide long trim life and precise process control.

Seals, Gaskets & Stem- Packing materials selected are explosive decompression resistant.
Dual Body Seals-For high integrity toxic services.
Pressure Balancing Seals-Reduces actuator/handwheel force Provided with dual wiper rings to keep solids out of sealing areas.
Bolted Bonnet-Easy maintenance. Solid Tungsten Carbide Plug-Solid tungsten carbide eliminates galling Excellent erosion resistance. Large balance holes will not clog.
Solid Tungsten Carbide Disk-Stack Solid tungsten carbide for erosion resistance. Multi-step letdown to control velocity, erosion and noise. Large flow passages, easily handle solids and dirty fluids.
Solid Tungsten Carbide Venturi Seat-Solid tungsten carbide venturi seat in high turbulence zones. Venturi seat transition flows smoothly into valve outlet and piping.

DRAG® Disk Stack- Up to six stages of velocity control.

More info : https://www.imi-critical.com/products/100-dpc/