W Series Wind Tesioners Series

W Series Wind Tesioners Series

Bolting Systems WDD series wind tensioners

are intently designed with standard features that enhance durability, efficiency and safety. The WDD series is built to lower the average life-cycle costs of wind tensioners.

Quality Means Lower Life-Cycle Costs:
– Achieves 90% proof load requirement for ISO 898 Grade 10.9 bolts
– Fully enclosed load cell eliminates debris in piston retraction mechanism
– Auto-Engaging Geared Nut Rotator
– Self-energizing, long life seals

Enhanced Usability:
– Piston stroke limit indication
– High-pressure swivel coupling (swivel is optional on WSS & WSL)
– 19,580 psi (1,350 bar maximum operating pressure)
– Automatic piston retraction mechanism

Designed with Safety in Mind:
– Overstroke prevention for safe operation
– Anti-slip grip surface
– Tool lifting-strap as standard