TWHC High Cycle Torque Wrench



Torque Wrench Low Clearance
The Bolting Systems TWLC series wrench is a lightweight tool featuring low height and a tight nose radius. The TWLC series wrench was designed for the most inaccessible bolting areas found in industry.
– Low Weight, High Strength Design
– Superior Torsional Strength
– Fast Operation Cycle
– Fine Tooth Pawl
– Floating Piston Design
– Auto-Connect Drive Piston
– Compact Frame Size
– Rigid Steel Body Construction
– Internal swivel manifold Relief
– Built-in Reaction Pad
– Small Nose Radius
– Tool Free Link Change
– Corrosion Resistant Finish
– Multi-Axis High Flow Swivel Manifold
– Simple Design
– Consistent Torque Output
– Powerthon™ Lifetime Warranty