Motor-operated pilot valve The motor-operated pilot valve type MOV is a 3/2 way valve (3 connection/2 position).

Primarily used as pilot valve to the variety of main valves (feed and bleed function).

The internals are very similar to the internals of the solenoid operated valve. The difference comes in a way of actuation, which is provided using IEEE electromotor from AUMA.

IMI CCI is using the MOVs primarily to provide the possibility of the feed and bleed function to the main safety valve (pressurizer). Therefore the usual configuration consists of two in series connected MOVs.

Size: 0.2” / 5mm.
Class up to 2500.
Forged carbon or stainless steel.
The MOV valve is fully qualified to IEEE 323 and IEEE 344.
Operates with: air, steam, water and acids.
MOV valve can be equipped with the IEEE qualified limit-switches.

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